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Using Disqus with your managed Ghost blog

The documentation about integrating Disqus Discussions in Ghost only applies to self hosted Ghost instances or at least self packaged themes.

So I created a snippet which you can paste in your "Blog footer" via Ghost's "Code Injection":

Where data-disqusName is your name at Disqus and data-element contains the CSS selector of the element, the Disqus container will be appended in. For Ghost 0.11 and the default Casper 1.4 theme, this should be .post-content, for Ghost 1.0 and Casper 2 this works with article.post-full:not(.page). (The :not(.page) part prevents comments beeing loaded on static pages. If you want them to do so, only use article.post-full.)

By the way, this works for all Websites, not only for Ghost. After working on this, I wonder why Disqus is making the integration so complicated.

The script is hostet on Github:

The disadvantage of this method is that it will not work anymore, if the URL changes, as there is no unique id. In this case, you will have to re-map URLs in your Disqus administration interface.

After implementing this, I found two similar solutions, both described more carefully, by Jambie Goodwin and Matt Enlow, although outdated. Wish I did find them before anyway.

Using Disqus with your managed Ghost blog
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