Active projects

šŸ‘ Get Feedback!

Anonymously collect and give feedback for (remote) meetings from your audience.

Written in Go (Backend) and Preact (Frontend).


A Java based command line replaying (Apache) log files against any given server. This tool was created for performance analysis while upgrading the content management system of Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung to a more recent major version, while migrating it to the cloud and is used since then by other companies, mainly to verify performance migrating to new platforms.

Git Changelog Jenkins Plugin

A plugin for Jenkins to automatically generate a changelog since the latest released tag. See README on github or the Jenkins Git Changelog Plugin wiki site for more information.

The tag search and changelog generation functionality is implemented independently from Jenkins in this git-changelog library.


A little, but very useful framework with easy, fluent API to test Atex' Polopoly's Policy classes without having to powermock all your tests. As mocking with Powermock modifies your classpath and bytecode and slows down unit tests significantly, it should only be used if there is really no alternative.

Currently inactive projects

Jodatime Parsing Debugger

Similar to Grok Debugger to debug grok patterns, this is a microservice (and site) to debug date and time parsing in Java's date time API. See this blog post about it.

Metrics Bridge for Monitoring

Still in heavy development:

The purpose of this application is to be able to use metrics offered by application (in JSON over HTTP, for example) and send them to any monitoring tool you like (Librato currently implemented). It is designed to run completely independent (on different systems) from the application it monitors.

News App Prototype

A Polymer based UI to create good looking, animated and full functional prototypes of mobile websites or webview based apps within minutes, as long as your site offers RSS feeds (or any kind of JSON feed).

There are already two prototypes implemented, but for now, the code is not (yet) open. If you are interested, please contact me.


A lightweight http service written in Go serving contents of an (for now, SQLite, but in theory any kind of data source supported by Go's database/sql) in a non-sql client readable format (JSON, BSON, XML, ...).